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Pelham LOFT Launches Teen Website

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After months of hard work, PACT’s Youth Leadership Council is proud to present the brand new website for Pelham LOFT: Pelham teens can visit this website to find out about local news, teen events, volunteer opportunities, and updates from PACT.

“We are so proud of our teens, who have truly developed this website from the ground up. These active teenagers are not only creating content for this website, but they are also planning and executing many of the events that will be featured,” said PACT Coalition Director Laura Caruso. “This demonstrates how several elements of our community—businesses, the school district, the Town of Pelham, and teenagers—can come together to create something of value for the youth here in Pelham.”

The Pelham LOFT, started by PACT’s 2016 summer interns, is the name given to the “pop-up” teen center in Pelham, which works with local groups and businesses to plan teen events at different locations around town. Efforts to date have included a series of scary movies at The Picture House in October 2016; a Kahoot Trivia Night at J Café on March 31; and the planning of a community-wide outdoor musical festival entitled Field Fest for May 2017. The interns also developed the plan for this website over the summer, with the YLC continuing to work on it throughout the school year. The YLC took the project to Mr. John LaGreca’s computer science/engineering class, which completed the back-end coding on the website as a project for the fall semester.

“Working with PACT was a wonderful experience,” LaGreca said. “It allowed the class to apply the skills they had been working on to a website that will be used community wide. We were happy to be involved and help.”

“Working with the students and collaborating with [PACT Board Member] Mrs. Wisdom and Mrs. Caruso was a great, real-world experience that benefited everyone involved,” LaGreca said. “Students in my engineering class were given a great opportunity by PACT to develop an actual product that will be used in their community, and having a stake in the final product motivated students to rise to the challenge.”

He went on to add, “Many students involved in the development of the website went above and beyond the expectations of the scope of their portion of the larger assignment and brought in a wealth of knowledge in the web development process and the tools available to them, enhancing the product and sharing their knowledge with their peers. Overall the assignment was hugely beneficial to the students involved and we are very thankful for allowing Pelham PACT to allow us the opportunity to work on the project.”

“Building this website is a terrific example of the progress the District has made in expanding our computer science curriculum,” said Dr. Steven M. Garcia, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel at Pelham Public Schools. “Projects like this provide an opportunity for students to not only hone their skills, but apply them to real world situations. In addition to designing and coding, our students were able to innovate, problem-solve, and ultimately make a difference in their community. I am very thankful to PACT and Mr. LaGreca for providing this opportunity to our students.”

PACT Interns and Youth Leadership Council 2016

Along with Sarah Buckley, PACT’s Youth Advocate, three YLC members have volunteered to update the website on a regular basis, and they will join their fellow YLC members who post on behalf of the Pelham LOFT on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the website today, to see what is happening for teens in Pelham and encourage your teenagers to use this source to keep on top of relevant news and events!

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