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Pelham Celebrated Healthy Teen Brain Day on April 20

Filed in Community/PACT, News by on April 22, 2016 • views: 639
Healthy Teen Brain Day 2016

Healthy Teen Brain Day 2016

April 20 has become associated with a drug culture that celebrates cannabis use on 4/20 at 4:20 or with any reference to 420. Throughout Westchester County, municipalities and coalitions joined forces to raise awareness about the risks associated with adolescent marijuana use and proclaimed April 20, 2016 as Healthy Teen Brain Day.

While today’s teens are less likely to view marijuana use as harmful, the scientific research continues to provide evidence that marijuana is harmful to the adolescent brain with the potential to cause distorted perceptions, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, disrupted learning and memory, and impaired reaction time, attention span, judgment, balance and coordination. (American College of Pediatricians, 2015)

To celebrate and support Westchester youth who are making healthy decisions, the Westchester Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth, in partnership with more than 20 coalitions and municipalities throughout the county, including Pelham, reclaimed April 20 as Healthy Teen Brain Day with a news conference.

Healthy Teen Brain Day 2016

Healthy Teen Brain Day 2016

Nearly 75 people gathered on the steps of the Westchester County Center to honor Healthy Teen Brain Day, including students, coalition leaders, Student Assistance Counselors, law enforcement, appointed and elected officials, and representatives from the media. More than 20 coalitions and municipalities made proclamations declaring April 20 Healthy Teen Brain Day in their community.

Patricia Tomassi, of the Westchester County Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth, gave opening remarks, followed by County Executive Robert Astorino and Dr. Mark Herceg, Commissioner of Mental Health. Finally, several students made short statements about why they do not use drugs. posted a recap of the event, while Westchester County and Power to the Parent posted photos on Facebook as well. IMG_1680

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