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Pelham University

Pelham University is an ongoing lecture series for parents highlighting issues of importance in raising kids. In recent years, it has often been paired with PACT bi-ennial LiveChat youth leadership summits for Pelham teens, forming dual perspectives on raising happy, healthy and substance-free kids.shaun_derik

The most recent Pelham University, on the evening of Wednesday, March 11, 2015, was titled “BEING THERE (5 Steps to Actively Engaging Young People)” and featured Shaun Derik (right), whose background as a youth advocate, acclaimed speaker for Youth to Youth International, and musician give him unique skills and insights toward understanding young people. Derik had also emceed that day’s LiveChat 2015, a youth leadership summit that challenged Pelham Memorial High School students to “Be the Change” in our community.


Other Pelham University workshops have included:

Tei Street“Voices in the Void, A Workshop for Parents Navigating Adolescence” featuring Tei Street on February 10, 2014.
The “Amazing” Tei Street (at right) is a national motivational speaker with “StreetTalk: Motivational Messaging for the Masses.” Through her humor, experiences and captivating story-telling, she imparts positive messages to youth to inspire them to become role models. She spent the day speaking to Pelham’s 7 – 12 graders prior to the evening workshop for parents. For video of Ms. Street’s appearance, click here.

“Creating Connections that Count,” featuring Ty Sells, on March 1, 2012.
Ty Sells (at right), currently director of training at Youth to Youth (Y2Y) International, came to Pelham University on March 1, 2012, presenting “Creating Connections That Count in an evening workshop for parents at the Pelham Middle School Library, where he talked about the role parents can play in supporting youth to lead an alcohol and drug-free life and ways to connect with our teens. During the day, Sells went to Pelham schools and spoke with all 7th through 12th graders entertaining and motivating his young audiences with his presentation, “The Power of Acceptance” a comical discussion that challenges students to examine the way they treat others who are “different” from them.

“Bullying Affects Every Child: What is bullying? What is our role as parents?”, featuring Andrea Fallick, October 14, 2009.
Andrea Fallick, a nationally certified Olewus Bullying Prevention Program trainer, came to Pelham University on October 14, 2009, to present “Bullying Affects Every Child? What is bullying? What is our role as parents?” at the Pelham Memorial High School Cafeteria. The event, specially geared to parents of elementary children, discussed what bullying is and is not, as well as what the role of parents is when confronting bullying. The presentation helped parents understand how to identify a wide range of bullying behaviors and also provided them with knowledge and skills to respond proactively. The event was the result of a true partnership, where various groups, including the Pelham Union Free School District, the PTA Council and Pelham SEPTA — the special education arm of the PTA — came together to address a community problem.
Below is a listing of earlier Pelham University events, including the theme of that year’s curriculum. Links are provided where available.
2007-2008: Make The  PACT
  • Dennis O’Sullivan: “Pure Performance: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Student Athletes”
  • Mike Nerney: “Understanding the Adolescent Brain” and “Preparing the Young Brain for What’s Ahead”
  • Bena Kallick: “Habits of the Mind: Good Skills = Better Decision Making”
2006-2007: Student Life in the New Millennium
2005-2006: Respect
2004-2005: Strengthening Our Families in Stressful Times
2003-2004: Growing Up With Bullies, Cliques, Pop Culture and Violence: Empowering Students, Parents and Our Schools
2002-2003: Raising Sexually Healthy Youth
2001-2002: One Night Pelham University with Dinner
  •  Mariah Burton Nelson: “The Courage to Lead”
  •  13 workshops for parents, middle school, and high school students.