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Resources from Marijuana Awareness Month

Filed in News, Parents by on February 28, 2017 • views: 584

As we wrap up Marijuana Awareness Month, we wanted to bring together all the links that we’ve been sharing on our social media accounts throughout the month related to talking with teens about marijuana use. We hope you find these resources helpful and please let us know if you have other websites that have helped you!

Marijuana Facts & Resources on

Did teen perception/use of marijuana change after legalization?

Marijuana Myths & Facts from the Office of National Drug Control Policy

The New York Times on How to talk to Teens about Marijuana

A very comprehensive Marijuana Talk Toolkit from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

A Toolkit for Parents, including responses to some common questions

How much do you know about marijuana and its impact on the teen brain? Take this quiz from How High Ventura Country to find your HighQ!

Family Dinners and their Impact on Teen Substance Use

Some commons questions teens ask about marijuana and how you can respond

Thanks to everyone who shared, liked and commented on these posts all month long. We hope you learned a bit more about marijuana use and abuse, and how to talk to teens about it as well!

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