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We Connect. It Matters.

PACT’s “We Connect. It Matters.” Campaign

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The connections we make as we navigate through life help shape our decisions, our identity and our future.  Connections with parents, friends, teachers, youth leaders, coaches and neighbors all teach us in some way how to think and act, steering us in a direction that may or may not be healthy and safe. Throughout the year, PACT will connect parents, youth and community leaders to resources and information to help make sure that the connections with our kids count and that the Pelham community is protective and nurturing. One way PACT will be doing this is through the “We Connect. It Matters.” campaign, which will include key messaging and tips concerning the four things, we, as parents, can do when it comes to connecting with our kids: Talk. Care. Guide. Model.

Check out our “We Connect. It Matters” resource about Marijuana Awareness Month.

Marijuana Awareness Month


Here are all of our “We Connect. It Matters” resources:

Marijuana Awareness Month

And check back for more resources coming soon!


“We cannot always build a future for our youth,
but we can build our youth for the future.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt