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Stress & Anxiety Tips

Stress and anxiety are becoming major issues for teenagers these days, and many do not know how to manage these feelings. Right now, as teens deal with exams and college decisions, parents and adults can take time to connect with teens about the best ways to manage their stress and anxiety.

Here at Pelham PACT, we encourage adults to connect with youth about stress and what to do. Talk with youth about what is causing stress and anxiety, and why these issues are worrying them. Care by listening to their hopes, goals, and desires, without adding additional pressures. Guide by suggesting ways to ease stress—and doing them together—and Model healthy habits yourself when it comes to work-life balance, sleep schedules, and other stress-reduction.

Many adults struggle with stress and anxiety as well, so be sure to check out these resources if you need support:

And always talk to a professional if you simply cannot deal with these feelings on your own. We Connect. It Matters.