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HOPP Award Winners: 2014

Below are the Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award Recipients for 2013-14 School Year. This poster is featured in stores throughout Pelham.



Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award June 2014 Winners



The PACT Coalition named PMHS Senior Sarah Hickernell and PMHS Junior Christopher Dintrone as the winners of the June 2014 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award. Through the HOPP Award, PACT is seeking to acknowledge those sometimes quiet achievements and contributions of students that may not ordinarily be recognized. Sarah has demonstrated good citizenship and a positive attitude through her volunteer work as a homework helper at the Town of Pelham Public Library. Her dependability, integrity and consistent support of younger students make her a positive role model in the community. Chris is recognized for his leadership of younger children through a music directorship at Huguenot Memorial Church. He has selflessly shared his talent for music with the community with kindness and compassion. Chris’s dedication to others in need influences people in the community in a healthy and altruistic manner.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award May 2014 Winners



The PACT Coalition named PMHS Junior Luke Hellum and PMHS Freshman Fitima Barnes as winners of the May 2014 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award. Luke recently moved to Pelham and contributed to the community by initiating the Geography Club at Colonial Elementary School. He organized a curriculum for participating third grade students and has been a role model and leader to them in their weekly club activities. Luke even went the extra mile to write a grant for funding from The Pelham Civics to purchase an atlas for each student. Fitima is a natural peer leader with her positive attitude and kind nature. She is a steadfast friend who brings people together in an inclusive way in all of her activities, making her an outstanding positive peer influence.  Fitima strives to make a difference in people’s lives by reaching out with kindness and friendship.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award April 2014 Winners



The PACT Coalition named PMHS Junior Grace Gagnon and PMHS Sophomore NikkiAnn Ryan as the winners of the April 2014 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award. Grace is a neighbor extraordinaire, cheerfully dedicating herself to local and national service. She is an active fundraiser and a regular participant in mission trips that serve other communities in need. Grace consistently acts in inclusive ways, representing Pelham in the most positive light. NikkiAnn is recognized for her incredible determination and positive attitude in the face of extraordinary adversity. NikkiAnn is unwilling to let life’s obstacles stop her from pursuing her dreams, or from being a caring friend and active member of the Pelham community. Her courage, strength, and perseverance in all areas of her life make her an inspiring role model.

The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award March 2014 Winners


The PACT Coalition named PMHS Senior Averie Bowen and PMHS Junior Matthew Baffuto as the winners of the March 2014 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award. Averie has demonstrated kindness, compassion and caring leadership within her family and the community. Her willingness to provide help to others and to seek it when necessary sets a positive example for her peers. With determination and integrity, she has overcome life situations and serves as a role model within the community promoting acceptance. Matthew is recognized for his ability to stay positive through adversity coupled with his altruistic nature, making him a unique and influential individual. He consistently puts others first and finds ways to help those in need. He has demonstrated the courage to speak out in an effort to unite the PMHS junior class and encourage his fellow students to be inclusive of others.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award February 2014 Winners


The PACT Coalition named PMHS Seniors Nate Scinta and Jaelee Cabrera as the winners of the February 2014 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award. Nate has demonstrated selflessness and integrity though his engaging instruction of kindergarten children at Christ Church in Pelham for the past four years. He has consistently planned instruction and activities for these children with passion, patience and humor. His direct impact on Pelham children provides a positive example for younger children and his peers. Jaelee won the award for being a dependable and trustworthy helper to neighbors, younger children and fellow students in need. Her positive attitude, determination and courage to speak out are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Pelham PACT Announces First Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award Winners


The PACT Coalition has named PMHS students Kate Hindle and Remy Stankus as the first winners of the Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award, getting the award off to a great start in 2014! The HOPP Award recognizes young people for demonstrating outstanding personal qualities, making healthy choices and serving as a positive influence on their peers through their actions and words. Kate is a senior and has consistently shown kindness and compassion by reaching out to underclassmen in a way that makes them feel like they can be themselves. Her gracious outreach and supportiveness has made a happy difference for many younger students in the community. Kate has shown a real commitment to making the world a better place for all.  Remy, who is a junior at PMHS, won the award for her strong engagement with the community, combined with an understated and inclusive leadership style. She is reflective of her own strengths and weaknesses and strives to continually be better.  Remy is known for going the extra mile in her activities, while supporting peers and younger students.   “We are so excited to recognize Kate and Remy for their exceptional personal qualities, and for their affirming influence on the Pelham community in their daily activities and attitude,” said Virginia Hartmere, PACT Coalition Director.