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HOPP Award Winners: 2014 – 2015

Below are the Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award Recipients for the 2014 –  2015 school year (in reverse chronological order). The HOPP recognizes young people who demonstrate outstanding personal qualities, are making healthy choices, and are serving as a positive influence on their peers through their actions and words.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award May 2015 Winners

Catalano TovarPMHS juniors Joseph Catalano and Fernanda Tovar have been honored with the May Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award.

Joseph is recognized for his integrity and strength of character. He serves as a strong role model in the Boy Scouts, school and in his interactions with others.

Fernanda is recognized for her maturity and generosity. Through volunteer work, she shares her talents in technology, acting with a precision and attention to detail that come from her maturity and patience.

The May HOPP Award was sponsored by Pelham PACT.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award April 2015 Winners

Emma Curtin Tim ReillyPMHS juniors Emma Curtin and Tim Reilly have been honored with the April Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award.

Emma is recognized for her selflessness and service to the community, which can be seen in her work with Relay for Life and Pelham Children’s Theater, and her outreach to homeless children. Patrons of the Pelham Picture House know her friendly smile and kindness to all.

Tim is recognized for his passion for helping others and making the world a better place.  Tim also serves the homeless, collecting clothing and toiletries, and working with the Pelham Jewish Center to distribute them to those in need.

The April HOPP Award was sponsored by Symmetry Physical Therapy.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award March 2015 Winners



Juliana Mora, a senior, and Alicia Ugenti, a sophomore, both students at Pelham Memorial High School, have been honored with the March Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award.

Juliana is an active and enthusiastic volunteer who spends her time supporting positive activities for children and teens. She is a naturally kind, generous and courteous young adult. She is recognized for her positive attitude, honesty and engagement in the community. Alicia Ugenti always welcomes new students and is a friend to all when needed. She donates her time volunteering for local organizations and serves as a leader and positive influence to her peers. She is recognized for her kindness, selflessness and being inclusive of others.

The March HOPP Award is sponsored by Young Life.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award February 2015 Winners


Sammy Goldman, a senior, and Jack MacColl, a junior, both students Pelham Memorial High School, have been honored with the February 2015 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award.

Sammy’s generous spirit and inclusive nature has influenced the lives of his peers as well as complete strangers. He stands true to his convictions, both personally and academically. Sammy is recognized for his honesty, his integrity and serving as a positive peer influence.

Jack donates countless hours to the middle school theater program mentoring younger students. He has a quiet strength, a great sense of humor and is both talented and diligent. Jack is recognized for his kindness, serving as a role model and going the extra mile.

The February HOPP Award is sponsored by The Bakery at Four Corners and PACT.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award January 2015 Winners


Camila De Vasconcelos and Simon White, both seniors at Pelham Memorial High School, have been honored with the January 2015 Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award.

Camila has a passion and commitment to others that she demonstrates in her role as peer counselor, and in her work for her family and her community. A natural advocate for others, Camila is honored for her persistence, leadership and selflessness. Simon balances the demands of his academic and athletic schedule with volunteer work and a commitment to helping others in the school and community. The HOPP Award honors Simon’s integrity, care for others, and moral leadership.

The January HOPP Award is sponsored by the Pelham Civic Association.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award December 2014 Winners


Pelham Memorial High School senior Maggie Stiefvater and sophomore Sam Rutt were recipients of The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award for December. Maggie is recognized for her compassion, commitment and support for others. She demonstrates these traits through her work in many ways, including mentoring children with special needs through the Nurses Network of America. Maggie has been mentoring children for years, and always brings creativity and joy to this work. The delight and excitement of the children who work with Maggie are a testament to the difference she makes in their lives. Sam is recognized for his good citizenship, kindness and outstanding courtesy. Many Pelhamites know Sam from DeCicco’s, where he works after school and some weekends. He stands out for his friendliness, for his interest in getting to know his customers by asking about their day and their family, and by offering his help. In going out of his way to make everyone feel cared for and valued, Sam plays an important role in making Pelham a great community. December’s HOPP Award is sponsored by theJunior League of Pelham.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award November 2014 Winners


Pelham Memorial High School seniors Jamie Tolan and Gabriella Limardo were recipients of The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award for November. Tolan is recognized for his positive attitude, determination and inclusiveness of others. His hard work on and off the lacrosse field make a positive impact on his teammates — particularly underclassmen. Generosity, kindness and a sense of humor are the hallmark qualities of this understated, steady leader. Limardo is recognized for her honesty, willingness to help those in need, and for serving as a role model. She is an active participant in activities in the community and in school, where she serves as a peer leader and a volunteer. She sets a quiet example of kindness and compassion by helping a fellow student in distress or welcoming someone new to town. November’s HOPP Award is sponsored by Arthur Scinta, Associate Broker, Houlihan Lawrence.

Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award October 2014 Winners


Pelham Memorial High School freshman Christopher Herrera and PMHS seniorWilliam Ruocco were recipients of The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award for October. Christopher is recognized for his honesty, integrity and good citizenship. He recently found a lost cell phone, quickly identified the rightful owner, and coordinated the return of the phone at the owner’s convenience — reminding us all that a small act can make a big difference in a person’s life. His respect for others and quiet strength are a positive influence on his peers. William is recognized for his leadership, determination and willingness to go the extra mile. When the advisor of the Tri-M Music Honor Society was unable to attend the organization’s fundraiser recital, William stepped in to ensure that the event was a success. He has extended his passion for music to the community by giving lessons to underprivileged children. Consistently understated in his ability to connect with others, he truly tries to make the world a better place. October’s HOPP Award was sponsored by Meridian Risk Management & Joan Solimine Real Estate.


Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award September 2014 Winners


PMHS students Julia Glickman and Antonio Vigil were recipients of The Heart of Pelham PACT (HOPP) Award for September. Julia is recognized for her good citizenship, courage to speak out and altruistic actions. She is a positive role model to younger children, volunteering every week as a teacher’s assistant at Pelham Jewish Center’s religious school. She also motivates her peers through her leadership and integrity on service learning trips. She is mature beyond her years, deeply engaged in the community and very giving of her time. Antonio is recognized for his kindness, compassion, and his inclusiveness. He leads by example and takes the time to listen to others, gives thoughtful feedback, and encourages different perspectives on challenging topics as an active participant in Huguenot Memorial Church’s Youth Group. Antonio is always willing to lend a helping hand and volunteers for service projects throughout the year. September’s HOPP Award was sponsored by McClellan Sotheby’s International Realty.